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On this page you can find a list of courses I've completed, what year I completed them, and where.

Year Commenced: 2013 - 2014 Campus: Griffith University - Gold Coast Campus
Bachelor of Information Technology. Major: Software Development
  • Winner of the Opmantek Best Industry Project award 2014.
  • Runner up for the Graduation of the year award.
  • Norminated for the 2015 iAwards.
  • Selected for and participated in a 3 week cultural exchange and internship with Huawei in China (Beijing and Shenzhen).
  • Currently graduating with Distinction (GPA: 5.8/7).


Year Completed: 2009 Campus: Kingscliff Tafe Campus
Diploma in Web Design
  • Passed all of the required modules with Distinctions.
  • Involved PHP, MySQL plus XHTML, JavaScript, CSS etc.
  • Testing web applications and using server tools (Monitoring/Analysis) for different goals and circumstances.


Year Completed: 2007 Campus: Kingscliff Tafe Campus
Diploma in Systems Administration
  • A Diploma in Systems Administration for working in the IT industry.
  • Passed all of the required modules with 3 Credits and 7 Distinctions obtained.
  • This Diploma required us to be able to "hack" into systems, and determind ways to prevent hackers from gaining access.
  • Training users to perform their own security and protect against psychological attacks (Social Engineering, NLP, etc).


Year Completed: 2007 Campus: Ashmore Tafe Campus
Advanced Double Diploma in Network Engineering and Project Management
Project Management:
  • The Diploma of Project Management was based around the PMBOK methodologies.
  • All of the modules were successfully passed for the Project Management Diploma
Network Engineering:
  • Includes working with Microsoft, Cisco and Linux equipment and software.
  • Two Credit Grades and one Distinction obtained.
  • Familiar with Server 2000, and 2003 technologies.
  • Familiar with Fedora, Redhat and BASH (Linux Shell Script Language)


Year Completed: 2008 Campus: Kingscliff Tafe Campus
Certificate IV in Web Design
  • A Certificate in web design for web languages and web design for today's standards.
  • Passed all of the required modules with 3 Credits and 16 Distinctions obtained.


Year Completed: 2005 Campus: King's Christian College
Certificate III and IV in General IT
Certifiate III and IV in general IT were completed along side my year 11 and 12 studies at the college campus. These courses were completed in the student's own time, and not apart of any school subjects.


Year Completed: 2005 Campus: King's Christian College
Years 10 - 12
I completed Years 10 through to 12 at King's Christian College, acquiring their professional approach to studies and all the responsibilities that I apply myself too. This was a great source for all future endeavours as I learnt core skills, leadership, how to conduct myself and methods that I have been able to relate to all that I do.


Year Completed: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Campus: King's Christian College
Senior First Aid
  • The Senior First Aid Certificate requires you to know DR.ABC, wrapping and treating injuries.


Year Completed: 2006 Campus: Brisbane
Registered Expedition Instructor (REI)
  • Registered Expedition Instructor requires that you be able to lead camping/hiking expeditions. It also means you are able to mark people qualifying Duke of Edinburgh's Award.


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