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About Me

I’ve just graduated from doing a Bachelor’s Degree at Griffith University with Distinction.

Before starting at Griffith, I was working full time on site at Google in Sydney. I decided to do my university degree before moving back there and moving overseas. I learned a lot about computers and technology while working there.

My Interests include computer programming, repairing and diagnosis. Building new systems and being able to test them out. Trying new and interesting technologies such as wireless networking, different styles of programming languages and other such systems for specific needs and purposes. I have completed courses with distinction level grades that require me to know HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, MySQL, PHP, Java, C++ and so on. I also have ranging experience with VB.NET (Was my first language), Assembly (x86 Processors, mainly for game hacking and C++ debugging), Batch and BASH, but have not used them in any university assignments. For fun on computers I tend to enjoy MMO, RTS, FPS and RPG games.
In my spare time away from computers I enjoy camping and hiking and am regularly found out in the hinterland on the Goldcoast. When not studying or out, I enjoy doing personal projects in electronics or computers and have made many things. I’m known to stay up all night to get a project done.
My latest project is building a successful prototype localization system for the Gold Coast University Hospital so that they can track patients. Previous major projects include creating an ADSL modem using Linux with a mini-ITX PC (I later also built a router) and setting up a VM environment with Virtual Box in Linux.

I’m looking for a full time job in Canada in either Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary. I have been approved to work anywhere in Canada.

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